Nov. 1890 – To Bishop of Springfield from General Superior Sr. M. Edward, Kingston ON

House of Providence, Kingston
Nov. 1890
Rt. Rev. P.T. O'Reilly,
Bishop of Springfield
My Lord,

Concerning the proposition made to me when last in Springfield regarding the School in Chicopee in view of the departure of the present teachers in the near future, I beg leave to say that after mature deliberation, the Community would not wish to undertake the charge of Boys only, and especially such a School as the one in question, where the pupils have been under the discipline of male teachers for so long a time. The second, that of establishing a Home for the Aged and infirm, can be undertaken by our Community, but before proceeding further we would wish to know definitely, the conditions upon which Your Lordship would wish us to accept the work; so that in case it would be an accomplished fact, and that the conditions are satisfactory to Your Lordship and to the Community, we would be ready to undertake it when called for.

Hoping Your Lordship is still in the enjoyment of good health and wishing many years of happiness, I am My Lord

Most respectfully
Mother Mary Edward, S.G.
Notes: The date is taken from the Annals entry; Another copy of this letter exists in the copybook. 105-C, General Superior's fonds, Correspondence series, Copybook, p. 126
Source: 407-409-A, General Secretary Fonds, Annals of the Congregation/Generalate series, Volume 1861-1892, pp. 198-199, Archives, Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul.
Catherine McKinley’s Letters

This letter is part of a large database of correspondence written by and to Catherine McKinley, who is considered one of the founders of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul. As a Sister of Providence she was known by her religious name Mother Mary Edward.

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