Piano recital comes from a good place

Piano students of Sister Rita Gleason (back row, far right) and Genevieve Shih (left)

On Saturday, piano students held a concert at St. Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital Auditorium in Edmonton. 

Sister Rita Gleason reports: 

It proved to be a very good concert as all the students performed really well.  The auditorium was packed with parents and family members as well as some of St. Joseph’s residents who were helped down to the concert by generous volunteers.

In the welcome address I encouraged the students with these words:  “Know that by your music you are filling the earth with love and joy. As you play, you participate in the ongoing creation of peace and harmony that everyone longs for in this world. The music you make comes from a good place within you – a place in which dwells the Spirit of love, peace, joy, goodness and creativity.  Always treasure the gift of music which brings so much joy to yourselves and others.  Good luck and enjoy.  I know I will.”

We are planning a similar event in June.