Letters from Peru


The following Christmas season letter was submitted by Sr. Sara Jiménez in San Felipé, Peru. It did not arrive in time for previous edition of Providence Pages.

We always wait for gifts at Christmas, we have become accustomed to this. I would like to send a box as a gift with the following letter to the authorities of Peru and to the thousands of businesses, bankers, investors and representatives of the world organizations who decide the destiny of the poor countries.

Peru, 25 of December, 2009


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights indicates that every person has the right to a suitable level of life that guarantees good health and well-being.

Do you know what is the reality in which the Peruvians live?

  • 51 % of the population have health problems
  • 58 % of the population do not have insurance
  • 1 in 5 feel the need of medical attention but do not have it because of lack of money
  • 1 in every 5 children suffer from chronic malnutrition
  • 185 mothers die for each 100,000 births
  • 45% of the Peruvians do not have sanitation services
  • 30% do not have drinkable water
  • The children of the mountains die from cold
  • The natives of the Amazon are treated like “second class citizens”
  • Violence and exploitation exist: in the homes, workplaces, and streets
  • The youth have few prospects of studying or working
  • There is no work, there is exploitation, low salaries, long hours of work, 14 to 16 hours daily

May the Lord unite us in prayer at this feast of the birth of Our Saviour. It is He who will liberate us and fill us with hope and love. Let us give to Jesus, gifts of Love, Peace and Justice for the most needy, let us make a great round of Solidarity. May Hope, Faith and Love fall like snow in the whole world.

A song fills me with hope:

“They come with happiness, singing, Come Lord.”

“The poor always wait for the dawn, for a day more just and without oppression.”

Merry Christmas,
Sister Sara Jiménez

Editor’s Note: The Sisters of Providence established The Marillac Mission Fund in 1978 to help fund programs carried out by Sisters of Providence ministering in Peru.

Thirty years later, the need is greater as evidenced by Sister Sara’s letter. If you’d like to make a contribution to the Fund, please contact Sister Ann Hudec at Providence Motherhouse. Tax receipts are available.

People directly helped by those funds have written poignant letters of thanks to everyone who contributes to the fund. Their artwork and touching words appear below.

My dear friend, Thanks to you and to Marillac Mission Fund for helping me in my studies and to be able to accomplish my dreams, and I pray to God for your health in order that you can continue to always be happy. Christmas is the best medicine for solidarity, peace and friendship to continue. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!
                                      With lots of love and hugs, Ronald Solamo

What better gift than the work of my own hands and with much love and affection from me and my family.
                                                  Ronald & family

I wish to express to express my sincere thanks to you and especially to arillac Mission Fund for being able to continue my studies because without your help it would have been impossible for me.  I thank God for your friendship and your sincere affection and ask our Lord that you be give good health and that you continue to contaminate us with your happiness. For the good moments: gratitude, For the bad ones: much hope, For each day: an illusion and always happiness