Annual bake sale raises mission funds

Teacher Elena enjoying time with five of her students in Peru.


The annual February bake sale held by Providence Associates based in Camrose, Alberta, raised an astounding $3,450.00. The proceeds were sent to Peru and used for education and healthcare.

The Catholic Women’s League, the Hospital Auxiliary and generous benefactors all donated to the Camrose Providence Associates to help the poor. The money will be used to build a stairway in the school which the Fire Department demands.

“Our Providence Associates are very grateful that our people respond so well to help the poor” said Sister Bernadine Bokenfohr.

Peruvian Associate Carmen Alomia Guia was thankful to the Western Associates for the donation. She responded with this letter, outlining how some needs were met with the funds in the past.

“The Government continually tells us that public education is free, but the poor from Peru know this is not true. Parents have to buy uniforms, supplies and more. The Education Ministry sometimes sends money, but not always. This is the reason we sent a request with an out of town carpenter, to build 23 desks with matching chairs. Every little bit helps.”

23 desks and chairs were made for the students with money raised through the annual bake sales.