Marillac Mission Fund

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Marillac Mission Fund Newsletter

Founded in 1978, the Marillac Mission Fund carried on the mission work of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul for 45 years. It was a small charity that helped the poor in Guatemala and Peru where the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul lived and worked.

The fund made it possible for the Sisters to assist persons in a variety of ways:

Education – In Carabayllo, more than 100 post-secondary students have been able to obtain course certificates, college diplomas and university degrees. In Caracoto approximately 18 elementary school students received annual assistance.

Associate Projects – Depending on circumstances, the Providence Associates in Peru have been able to annually provide hands-on assistance to some of the very poor in the countryside.

Disaster Relief – When natural disasters such as earthquakes or flooding occurred, funds assisted those affected.

Health Assistance – As need arose, the Sisters assisted individuals needing expensive tests, medicine or therapy that was not covered by the government. During the pandemic, this help has been urgently needed.

Assistance to Individuals – Financial assistance was provided for food or other household needs, for victims of violence, and as start-up funds for cottage industries.

Special Work Projects – From time to time a chapel received assistance for construction costs.

Rural Pastoral – Funds were made available for supplies and other expenses for ministry with the agricultural workers in the countryside who live in great poverty.

The Marillac Mission Fund Newsletter documented the work of the Fund in Carabayllo, Peru, from 2011 to 2023.