Season of Creation 2022 Kick Off

Now is the time to begin preparing by using the Ecumenical guide presented during this video. This year’s theme is LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF CREATION. The symbol being used is the BURNING BUSH reminding us as Moses was reminded in Exodus 3.1-12 that we are standing on HOLY GROUND.

With this theme we are being called to PRAY – COMMIT – ACT – ADVOCATE as we listen to the:

  • Voices of Indigenous Peoples
  • Voices of Scientists
  • Suffering members of God’s Creation

The SEASON OF CREATION guide can be downloaded, or even the prayer to pray each day of SEASON OF CREATION.

While we are in this wonderful summer season and outside more in creation, let us take some time for the EARTH EXAMEN as found on page 37 of the guide. This will definitely lead us to more CONTEMPLACTION (Contemplative Action)!

“The heavens declare the glory of the Creator;
The firmament proclaims the handiwork of Love.

Day to day speech pours forth
And night to night knowledge is revealed.

There is no speech, nor are there words;
Their voice is not heard;
Yet does their music resound through all the earth,
And their words echo to the ends of the world.”
(Ps. 19.1-2 – translation of Nan Merrill – Psalms for Praying)