Chew on This 2016

Motherhouse Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation staff took part in this year’s Kingston’s Chew on This campaign. It was one of 64 across the country – in every province and territory. This year’s campaign was to call on Minister Duclos to include those with lived experience of poverty in meaningful consultations in the development of a comprehensive, rights-based Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Chew on This is a campaign of Dignity for All. It is in its third year. The campaign is held on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty which was October 17 this year.


Actions suggested to follow up:

  • Submit a written brief to the HUMA committee Poverty Reduction Strategies study taking place right now;
  • Prepare to contribute to the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy consultation process that will begin in 2017; and
  •  Ask your MP if s/he will vote in favour of sending private members bill, Bill C-245, Poverty Reduction Act, to Committee for further discussion and debate (second reading of this Bill will start on Monday, October 31). If you and your group supports this bill, why not let the sponsoring MP, Brigitte Sansoucy, know?