Carbon pricing, climate change and building a movement

Steven Guilbeault, co-founder of Équiterre, came to Kingston on November 1st as part of his cross-country speaking tour.  

He gave two presentations in Kingston. The first presentation focused on  Équiterre, Quebec’s largest environmental non-profit organization and the building of social movements.

The second presentation focused on the Ontario Cap and Trade carbon pricing system which the provincial government is introducing next year.  Adding a cost to greenhouse gas emissions shows a real commitment to mitigate climate change but what does this pricing system mean for ratepayers and businesses? To answer this question Lisa Asbreuk, senior partner at the Cunningham and Swan law firm, and Shari Hughson, Director of Queen’s University Masters Program of Entrepreneurship & Innovation joined Steven at the Queen’s School of Business.  

Steven Guilbeault on climate change

Lisa Asbreuk on legal implications

Shari Hughson on business opportunities