Who do you think they are?

You may have noticed the display of full size cut-out Sisters in habits in the Display window that faces the auditorium hallway, beside the Heritage Room. These three photographs were picked because the quality was good enough to be scaled up to a large degree, and they showed the habit clearly. Who are the Sisters in the photographs?

The Sister in the peaked headdress is Sister Mary of Mercy. She was born Johanna O’Connor in Kingston in 1848 and entered the Sisters of Providence in 1872. As an early member of the community, she served where she was needed in many different roles, including home nursing. She served in Holyoke, Massachusetts in the school, orphanage, and House of Providence several times between 1875 and 1892. Upon her return to Kingston in 1892 she served as Directress of Ceremonies, continued home nursing, worked with the orphan boys and served as sacristan. She died aged 52 of a brain aneurysm on March 30th, 1900. This photograph was taken in Holyoke between 1883 and 1892.

The Sister in the rounded headdress is Sister Mary Amable. She was born Mary Tuaisch in Belleville in 1906 and entered the Sisters of Providence in 1925. She worked in the Printing Office at the House of Providence as an artist for several years. She moved to Heathfield in 1933 to head up the newly founded Vestry Department, making vestments. She ran the department for the next 23 years, until her death at age 50 of cancer on October 10th, 1956. This photograph of Sr. Mary Amable was taken between 1954 and 1956.

Do you recognize the Sister in the modified habit? It’s Sister Gayle Desarmia. Sister Gayle is best known for her years in the Archives from 1989 to 2011, and her years on the Leadership team from 2011 to the present. This photograph was taken of her and Sister Catherine Casey on the day of their final professions on August 15th, 1976.