Leap Day!

February 29th only occurs once every 4 years, which makes it feel like a special day. Let’s look back at what the Sisters of Providence were doing on a few past Leap Days via excerpts from the Congregational Annals:

1888, February 29
On February 29th two large gongs were erected for the purpose of calling the officers of the Community, notifying the Sisters of the arrival of the Confessor, [and] visits by physicians and visitors to the wards. This arrangement greatly facilitated the duties of the portress as she would no longer be obliged to go from one end of the establishment to the other to give notice of visitors.

1912, February 29
Community Mass by chaplain, he hears confessions of the [residents]. … Some Sisters go out for a drive to St. Mary’s of the Lake.

1916, February 29
A phone message at a late hour from our Mother telling that Sisters Mary Martina & Mary Borgia were sick in bed and to send Sister Mary Leonard to take one of the classes while Sister McKenna a Postulant could substitute at St. John’s Kingston.

1972, February 29
Nothing extraordinary happened on this once in four years date. The weather is mild, although there is still plenty of snow. Painters are now doing the second floor of the first wing (1932) of the building. New drapes were hung in the bedrooms in the administration wing today. The offices of the wing had drapes replaced two weeks ago, but these are the first ones to be put in the bedrooms. The bedrooms in the Infirmary have been furnished with new drapes since the rooms were painted.

House of Providence, Kingston, ca. 1910.
(The congregational annals are written by the General Secretary and record the life of the congregation and life at the motherhouse. The House of Providence in Kingston served as the Motherhouse from 1861 to 1932. When the administration moved to Providence Motherhouse at Heathfield in 1932 the congregational annals switched to documenting life there from 1932 to the present.)