Daylight Savings!


Daylight Savings Time (DST) was first instituted in Canada on April 14th 1918, but was canceled at the end of WWI by the federal government. Certain municipalities, including Kingston, continued with DST. The Congregation was unsure about changing the clocks and in certain years it seems as if they only followed the new time during the school year.

From the Congregational Annals of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul:

April 14, 1918  There has been an agitation going on over our Country to advance the clocks one hour. “The Day-light saving Scheme” It has finally passed the Parliament and became law. At 2 o’clock this morning. There is a great deal of discussion as to whether we shall adopt this. If we do it means we rise at 4 a.m and retire at 8 p.m. Some of the Sisters are very anxious for it. Sr. M. Berchmans because she is teaching and Sr. M. Elizabeth because she does not sleep in the morning, others oppose it saying that we have our rule to direct us and we should follow it. Finally Mother Assistant telephoned to our Mother who favours submitting to the regulation. May God direct all things for the best!

May 3, 1925 – Daylight saving went into effect this morning in the city. We will begin tomorrow.

May 2, 1930 – Benediction a quarter of 5 o’clock. The change of time is very confusing for the music teachers as well as the school teachers. On their account it would be well for us to adopt daylight savings time.

August 31, 1931 – We must go back to daylight savings time tonight owing to the schools.

May 1, 1932 – Daylight Saving Time came today. We rose at 5 D.S.T. (4 o’clock) made our usual devotions in the Community Room, then went to the chapel. Our chaplain did not put in appearance for an hour and a quarter. We heard indirectly that he would require an addition of ten dollars per month to his salary if he had to rise early. We thought there was no foundation to this, but now we believe this is a fact. We shall wait further utterances.