A SUNsational Disappointment

The last time Ontario had a total solar eclipse, like the one we are expecting this year on April 8th, was on January 24th, 1925. In 1925 Kingston was not on the path of totality, but was expecting to see a 97% partial eclipse. Excitement was high across Ontario, as many locations in southern Ontario were on the path of totality, including Toronto. I looked in the congregational annals, and the annals of several convents across eastern Ontario for references to the eclipse. I found two mentions of the eclipse, one in the congregational annals, and one in the annals of Maryvale Abbey, a boarding school run by the Sisters of Providence in Glen Nevis, Ontario.

January 24, 1925 – Congregational Annals
Owing to the snow storm the eclipse which was expected to be visible at 9 this morning, was not seen – except that it became quite dark at that hour. The eclipse was seen plainly in New York.

January 1925 – Annals of Maryvale Abbey, Glen Nevis, Ontario
On the evening of Jan. 23, Father MacDonald came to recreation with some clippings from the daily papers describing the eclipse, the belt where the total eclipse could be observed and all the phenomena that goes with a total eclipse, which aroused increased interest in that wonderful event. The pupils had glasses smoked and everything was in readiness but to our disappointment, Mr. Sol just showed himself for about five minutes before eight o’clock and did not reappear till about 10:30, at which time the eclipse had passed.