A Lenten Letter


Mother Mary Clement was General Superior from July 1927 to July 1930. She wrote a letter to all the Sisters for Lent in 1930 that was sent to all the convents and missions. Here are a few extracts:
Dear Sister Superior and Sisters:-
I notice that all the Sisters are writing to their loved ones, so I thought I would do like-wise. For many reasons, my letter must be short, and for this, I know you will pardon me. Ash Wednesday is almost here dear Sisters, and I am very sure that you are all in the disposition to spend a very holy Lent.
…So let us be most fervent dear Sisters, during this holy time of penance. Our age, our work, or the condition of our health, may prevent us from being able to observe the prescribed Fast, but there are many other ways of doing penance. Let us be particularly exact in keeping our Rule, more fervent in performing our Spiritual Exercises, more patient, kind and charitable, and rest assured you will spend a very holy, happy and meritorious Lent.
….Wishing you all the blessings of this Penitential season, requesting you to pray for the Community and for me, I remain,
Most affectionately,
Mother M. Clement

This photo was taken in July 1927 after the elections and shows Sr. M. Ursula Byrne, outgoing General Superior, Sr. Mary of the Cross Whalen, incoming First Assistant, and Sr. M. Clement, incoming General Superior.