Sister Mary Lucy McNicholl

Margaret Lucy McNicholl
1874 - 1941

On February 5, 1941, Sister Mary Lucy (Margaret McNicholl) died at St. John’s Convent, Gananoque.

Sister had apparently been in splendid health and spirits, attending to the duties of her charge as usual until the afternoon of Wednesday, when she was stricken with a heart attack and succumbed before medical aid could be summoned.

She had been for several years at St. Francis General Hospital, Smiths Falls, and then at Maryvale Abbey, Glen Nevis. At all times her self-sacrificing devotion to duty, combined with a prayerful, retiring disposition, was a source of edification to her Sister companions.

Addendum – Compiled by the Archives on June 17, 2015

Margaret McNicholl entered the congregation as a Tertiary Sister in 1901 and was known as Sr. Lucy. Tertiaries were auxiliaries who performed domestic labour and were part of the Congregation from 1895 to 1907, when the program was phased out and they were invited to enter the novitiate. She entered the Novitiate on November 11, 1908.