Sister Mary Ida Horrigan

Honora Horrigan
1857 - 1941

On January 17, 1941, Sister Mary Ida (Honora Horrigan) was called in death to her eternal home at the House of Providence, Kingston.

During the years of her religious life she was the greater part of the time engaged in duties in St. Vincent de Paul Hospital, Brockville, where her cheerful, childlike simplicity won all hearts. She was every ready to lend a helping hand, and was noted for her kindly interest and charity for those in suffering or sorrow. This shining quality of true charity was often the occasion of requests from Catholics and non-Catholics alike for her prayers, so confident were they of obtaining assistance.

Returning to Kingston in failing health, and advanced in age, she was for a number of years, previous to her death, confined to a bed of suffering, which she bore with patience and fortitude to the end.