Solidarity With The Earth

“We desire and commit ourselves individually and corporately to consciously live non-violently our present reality. This will be manifested in our relationships of mutuality and solidarity with God, ourselves and all creation.”

– From Chapter’99 Outcome Statement
Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul


While the Chapter ’99 Outcome Statement gives “new life” to each person associated with the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul, it also presents a deep and wide-ranging challenge. To live in mutuality and solidarity with all creation in these modern times is a difficult and often confusing task. As we are all too aware, our daily decisions have a direct effect on our world and it is difficult to be confident that we are making the right choices. The office of Ecology and Earth Literacy would like to share the following suggestions in the hope that they will help us all be better stewards of God’s greatest gift:

  • To encourage positive action, no matter how small, that promotes the health and healing of our earth.

  • To promote non-violence, simplicity, and moderation with regard to the earth and its bounty.

  • To continually seek out information that will empower us as we strive to live out our congregation’s Constitution 20, “Our respectful use of the environment witnesses to the values of all creation.”

  • To help our earth by preserving its rich heritage of seeds and species.

  • To do our best to ensure that our own living spaces are modelled upon the relationship of spirituality and ecology, and its promotion in our health and the health of our planet.

  • To be mutually supportive of all who are struggling with the challenge of trying to live with ecological awareness.

We thank all for considering these ideas and hope they will give us all strength and inspiration as we strive to live out the congregational mission statement of “being prophetic leaders in our Church and in society through promotion of structures of relationships of equality and mutuality.