“Wow” is a willingness to hear each other

Our congregational Chapter, a blessed time to once again meet and greet Sisters I see often as well as those from far away. Catching up on the news, “how have you been?” A time to pray and a time to dream.

Was there a highlight for me? A wow moment? That would be the afternoon we spent with our Providence Associates. All of us together, Sisters and Associates, in a special time of open and honest sharing.

Initially I sensed some fear and doubt about personal capabilities and, with some, old memories die hard. But within our open and honest dialogue there was a willingness to hear and be heard. There was honesty and respectful listening. And then I heard excitement, joy and great anticipation about heading into the future together as “companions on the journey, breaking bread and sharing life.” Serving with compassion, trusting in Provdence, we walk in hope.

This was my Wow moment and in my heart I said “Amen.”

Sister Catherine Cannon

Directional statement 2015-2019

We, the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul, will:

  • joyfully live our mission in partnership with those who share our charism and spirit. Open to the energizing lead of Providence, we embrace our present reality from a contemplative stance;

  • entrust our Leadership Team to develop and implement a long range plan for our future, adhering to the approved guiding principles in keeping with a spirit of transparency. We will cooperate and contribute according to our gifts and abilities;

  • encourage and support our Providence Associates as they explore their future.