back row standing left to right: Sisters Una Byrne, Jean Higgins, Susan Pye, Judith Lee, Mary Bernadette Reichert, Jeannette Filthaut
front row left to right: Sisters Anne Louise Haughian, Mary Murphy


Sister Pauline Lally described this year’s eight Jubilarians as unique and unrepeatable seeds of God’s creative love. Using seeds as a metaphor throughout her congratulation speech to Jubilarians on Friday, June 17th, Sr. Pauline drew comparisons with the lives of the celebrants.

“Because each of you has opened up new frontiers, we know we can count on you to continue to help us do the same, so that we can, like the good seed, continue to break open our lives in new and exciting ways in order to grow in our charism, mission and spirituality for the Church and the world.”

Sister Anne Louise Haughian celebrates a special diamond (60 years) Jubilee. Celebrating 50 years are Sisters Mary Murphy, Judith Lee, Una Byrne, Jeannette Filthaut, Jean Higgins, Mary Bernadette (Reichert) and Susan Pye. Collectively, these women have served a remarkable 410 years of religious life.

Sister Jeannette Filthaut continued with the seed theme when she spoke on behalf of the Jubilarians.

“Seeds scattered and sown often bloom beyond where they were first planted. Such were our seeds as they spread far and wide to a variety of places in Canada, Guatemala, Peru and the United States.”

Family and friends attended the Eucharistic celebration held on Saturday, June 18th in the Chapel of Mary, Mother of Compassion at Providence Motherhouse. Bishop Vincent Cadieux, Bishop of Mossonee and Hearst and longtime friend of Jubilarian Sr. Una, delivered the homily.

“One of the most important roles of a religious is to listen. This is the most precious virtue I’ve learned from the native people,” said Bishop Cadieux. “I see as a great example of your listenting to our times in the weekly vigils for the last 15 years in solidarity with the poor on many issues. What a way to witness your solidarity with people in need, which at the same time, tells how powerful silent listening is to the needs of the poor.”

In loving memory, the congregation honoured the deceased Sisters who would have been celebrating this year: Sisters Mary Perpetua, Bernice Boyle, Nora Forestell, Evelyn O’Grady, Dorothy O’Neill, Dorothy MacDonell and Catherine Doherty.