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Our growth as Sisters of Providence is a lifelong process by which we strive for an ever-deepening response to the grace of our vocation. As we grow in awareness of our call to religious life, we are challenged to take personal responsibility for integrating our physical, emotional and spiritual growth, while balancing prayer, exercise, rest, play, and work in a ministry that reflects our qualifications and aptitudes.

Sister Barbara Thiffault

E-mail:     Phone: 613-544-4525

Process of Membership Committee
  • Sister Pauline Lally – On-going education/formation for all Sisters and Associates
  • Sister Barbara Thiffault – Contact for the Committee
  • Sister Lucy Kearney – Committee Member
  • Regina Lannon, Providence Associate – Providence Associate Liaison
  • Sister Frances O’Brien – Council Liaison
The Providence Mission in Peru

Our two Sisters in Peru are picking up the challenge of promoting vocations to religious life in their reality.

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