Vocations Formation

Over the centuries people who have truly pursued their dreams have also found that the discovery of that dream is hinged upon hearing the dream that God has for us that is the way we carry out our baptismal call.


Vocation Culture

A culture that believes and supports the discovery of these dreams is what we call a vocation culture. Vocation culture highlights all five vocations in an attempt to give people opportunities to explore and view each vocation as a possible dream that God may have for them. Visit www.vocationculture.ca

Vocation Fair

One means of alerting Church communities to vocation culture is hosting a Vocation Fair. Three members of the Kingston Archdiocesan Inter-congregational Vocation Committee participated in a vocation fair at Transfiguration Parish in Etobicoke, January 18 – 28, 2012.

After each Mass parishioners of every age had an opportunity to interact with several members of men’s and women’s religious congregations, diocesan priests, youth leaders, married couples, deacons and supportive organizations. They were energized and gained many insights into ways of educating and encouraging a renewed understanding of and responding to the living out one’s baptismal call.

A local parish has expressed an interest in hosting a vocation fair in order to promote a vocation culture in our Archdiocese.

Inter-Congregational Vocation Committee

As the result of our experience with the adult learning style presentation in the parish retreat at St. John’s in Gananoque, this committee hopes to develop similar types of presentations on topics that could be used in the future with parishes. It is hoped that these efforts will support the upcoming Year of Faith.

Process of Membership Committee

This Committee, consisting of Sisters Nancy Wilson, Barbara Thiffault and Lucy Kearney met on February 14th with Sister Frances O’Brien, Council Liaison, to review our Directional Statement and how it impacts our role in vocation/process of membership ministry. As we began visioning we noted the importance of hospitality as a Congregation and of being open to the ‘new’. In our discussions we became aware that the potential for new members is present and so all of us are being challenged to promote religious vocations by prayer and in the living out of our charism and our mission. It is because of the witness of our charism and mission that inquirers have been attracted. Those being called to live out their baptismal commitment, as religious, need our prayer support. So let us consciously pray with the belief that God is calling people to religious life and yes, even to the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul.