Answers to some common questions about Providence Associates.

How do I become a Providence Associate?

The process begins with an initial inquiry phase where individuals are invited by a Sister or an Associate to “come and see” what we are all about.

After a few visits to a local Associate group and acceptance of an application to continue with the process, the “candidate ” enters into a two-tiered phase. The first phase is one of getting to know one another –candidates with the Sisters, candidates with each other — and receiving a general explanation of the Associate process. In the second phase the process develops into a commitment to personal prayer, reading required material, studying the history of religious life within the history of the Church and the role of the laity within it, a survey of the present ministries and lifestyles of the congregation today, a retreat experience, regular meetings and other gatherings.

How long is the membership process?

There is an orientation process which can take from two to three years. When the process is complete and the application for acceptance to commitment has been accepted by the congregation, there is a commitment ceremony. This commitment is renewed annually.

How is the Associate involved with the congregation of the Sisters of Providence?

Some Associates serve on many of the congregational committees of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul, including:

  • The Providence Associate Committee
  • Liturgy
  • Justice and Peace
  • Ecology
  • Healing Violence Against Women
Where are Providence Associates?

Associate groups have been established in eastern and western Canada as well as Guatemala and Peru. For information about a group near you, contact the Associate Office.