New direction for Providence Associates


The Providence Associates met on their own during the time the Sisters were at Chapter, to create a directional statement that will guide us for the next four years.

It was a time of intense work that resulted in a deepening awareness that the time is coming when we will have to take responsibility for carrying the charism of Trusting in Providence, Serving with Compassion and Walking in Hope. We are also aware that we will need to create a new structure that will allow us to be autonomous in making decisions for our future, as well as providing for our own needs. 

Out of this directional statement and the conversation the Associates had at their retreat, a long-range plan was drafted and a leadership training sub-committee was struck to implement the plan. The committee members are Sister Irene Wilson, Maureen MacDonald, Susan Kennedy and Barbara Baker.

The plan is, “Becoming Prophetic Leaders in Church and Society.” Words that came out of the directional statement work that we think are significant to remember are: Collaboration: with each other and the sisters; Appropriate: (honour) the charism, and mission of the Sisters; Move into an autonomous and creative future. The commitment we are making is to acknowledge and develop the gifts and talents; provide education and encouragement; and utilize current technologies.

We are very excited about the possibilities ahead for us as we learn to become prophetic leaders.