Associate Digest July 12, 2012

Retreatants led by Deacon Joseph McMorrow, far right



Deacon Joseph Mcmorrow led the Camrose Associates on a “gentle day” of retreat opening with “Lectio Divino.”

His informative day was structured with some “in-put”, then reflection followed by forming us into three groups. We followed the same sharing procedure as we did at the “Pre-Chapter” I attended in August 2011.

We held the retreat at the Knights of Columbus Hall that over-looked the golf course which provided an ideal spot for reflection and silence. Debbie Muise, our Associate Contact had arranged lunch and “set up” a circle with the “Light of Christ” symbolizing the Presence of God within each of us.

An oral evaluation stated that it was a very Reflective Day leading us to recognize “God’s Presence” in our lives and also to focus on talents and gifts that we each have. Words that were used – it was “a comfortable day” focusing on Spirituality and Journey of Faith in a “gentle instructive” way, in depth searching. Present were Debbie Muise, Miriam Hanoski, Suna Anne Smith, Bernice MacFarlene, Kathy Leibel, Audrey Heck, Pat Niehus and Sister Bernadine.

Guatemalan Associates



Sister Judy Lee is in regular communications with Blanca Rosa Enriquez, the Associate Contact in Momostenago, Guatemala. Sister Judy sent to Blanca the theme and outline for our Annual Retreat, “A Diamond with Many Facets: Responding to Our Common Call” as well as the outline for our 3 year Formation: Renewal and Celebration Process. Blanca was very excited to receive this information. In return, she sent to Judy a Pastoral Letter from her bishop concerning recent uprisings, killings and a state of siege over mining/land issues.

Peruvian Associates



Sister Gayle Desarmia is often in communications via email with Sister Sara Jimenez Angulo as well as our associate contact, Carmen Alomia Guia. Sister Gayle and Sister Frances O’Brien, who recently visited the Sisters and Associates in Peru, shared a slide presentation of their trip with the Sisters here at the Motherhouse. Sister Gayle said she is willing to travel to our Associate groups to tell the story of our Providence People in Peru. Carmen has said that she will send “bits” of information about the Associates there if we could send “bits” of information from here so we can get to know each other a little better.